Presenting healthy options to the world of cosmetics, P.U.R.E LIP’s collection of captivating lip wear is designed to help everyone feel beautiful inside and out, indulging in the moments that matter – both big and small. 
Mother Nature is the motivation behind our lip wear. Every product is vegan, cruelty free and safe for sensitivities. Our In-house team carefully crafts innovative shades that are not only fashionable but aid in maintaining overall lip health. The current range of fifteen gloss shades promote hydration through a non-sticky yet creamy formula with a touch of shimmer, ideal for daily wear or a glam evening! The glosses are currently complimented by six lip pencil options to line your smile with.
P.U.R.E LIP lives at the intersection of beauty, culture and change, committed to making the world an elegant playground. From sustainable practices to inspiring young beauties to shine, P.U.R.E LIP nurtures our community with safety, style & grace!