Launched in November 2020,
P.U.R.E Lip, Created and develop by Maria L Bland; featuring made to order lip gloss, was inspired by her three daughters.
P.U.R.E. stands for Perfection Under Raw Elegance; and is one representation of how women at any age can create, develop and manage a new venture that brings inspiration to all.
Maria is and will continue to be the driving force behind the brand.
Our WHY: “My youngest daughter Cameron came to me in 2017 with an idea to make our own lip care product. Cameron and her sisters, Kennedi and Cachet both spent their younger years applying carmex and beauty supply gloss to address their concerns of chapped lips. They wanted to keep their lips moisturized but also wanted the shine for that young teen lip pop. We engaged the internet and started sourcing for formulas. We mixed and formulated for over 2 years before finding the right ingredient to fulfil our cause. After countless hours of development, I decided to bring this lip care to market. The girls went off to college to pursue their careers but when home for the holiday's and other events, they continued to test and assist me in developing the product line we have to date. My Mother and Sisters also inspired a few of the colors which assists with showcasing that P.U.R.E. Lip provides a shade of gloss for all  age & demographic.