Maria L Bland | CEO & Founder



Maria L Bland, wife to Marc Steven Bland. Mother to four beautiful children. Leader and mentor to many, and a serial entrepreneur! It has been her dream to have ownership. Show her children the importance in being your own Boss! Bold and unafraid! Maria launched P.U.R.E. Lip just 1-Year ago, November 2020. She continues to be the driving force behind the brand. 

She is the CEO and cofounder of Ordinary Women Doing Ordinary Things (OWDOT). This nonprofit 501(c)(3) started with her daughter Cachet in the fall of 2018. Her nonprofit provides scholarships, networking opportunities and clothing drives for women who are in need of support, inspiration, realization, and empowerment. Maria also owns and operates NatureMadeTwist, a two strand twist salon where she brings out the natural beauty within African-American women. Amongst all those things she has managed to create and develop her pure lip gloss line, featuring made to order lip gloss inspired by her three daughters. P.U.R.E. stands for Perfection Under Raw Elegance and is one representation of how women at any age can create, develop and manage a new venture that brings inspiration to all.

Maria has a Bachelors degree in Business Administration, a Masters in Business with a concentration in Leadership and a Human Resources Graduate Certificate from Central Michigan University. She also holds a Master Six Sigma Black Belt Certification driving processes and continuous improvement in everything she touches. Her motto is “Life really begins when you decide... to be yourself!”